Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a tailored service that offers a high level of protection for your car. Our licensed and knowledgeable technicians use the latest technology to apply a layer of ceramic coating to your car's paint, which helps to protect it from scratches, chips, and other forms of damage.
If you are looking for a way to protect your vehicle's paint, then booking a ceramic coating service provided by Dapper Detailing PDX should be your top priority. Not only does it provide superior protection against the elements, but it also makes your car look great for longer.

A ceramic coating is a thin layer of liquid polymer that is applied to the vehicle’s exterior. This layer acts as an extra barrier between the paint and external elements such as dirt, dust, UV rays and bird droppings. The coating forms a strong bond with the paintwork which means that dirt and grime will have difficulty sticking to it. This makes cleaning easier and provides superior protection against scratches and swirl marks caused by washing or drying techniques.

Another benefit of having a ceramic coating applied is that it restores shine and adds depth of colour back into faded surfaces due to oxidisation or exposure to harsh chemicals over time. The unique formulation used by Dapper Detailing PDX ensures that your car will maintain its original showroom finish regardless of how many washes you put it through - even after months or even up to two or three+ years!

In addition, ceramic coatings help reduce water spotting on glass surfaces such as windscreens which can be difficult to remove without professional detailing services such as those offered at Dapper Detailing PDX. With this service you can rest assured knowing that all water spots will be removed from both glass windows and body panels with ease!

Finally, when you book in for a Ceramic Coating service with Dapper Detailing PDX you won't have to worry about any long-term maintenance costs as these coatings have been designed specifically for longevity; we last up two or three+ years! That means less money spent on polishing solutions over time - not just now but in the future too!

Overall, if you want superior protection against the elements while maintaining your cars original showroom shine then booking in for a Ceramic Coating Service from Dapper Detailing PDX is definitely something worth considering! It's an investment into ensuring your car looks great today - but also in months down the line when other cars may start showing signs of age related wear & tear due lack of proper care & attention!

Testimonials & Reviews

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  • out of 5 stars

    Did an amazing job on a 1965 Impala, one year later it still shines and beads water like crazy.

    Peter Bliesner Boring, OR
  • out of 5 stars

    We have now taken 3 cars to Chris and we are super impressed each time we get one back. He not only dose an amazing job on the detail but goes above and beyond for his clients. Chris, thank you so much again and we will see you in a few months for Cody’s truck and my Jeep again.

    Cassy Gerhart Boring, OR
  • out of 5 stars

    Chris Detailed my black camaro and he did an amazing job. Looks like a mirror! Very hard to find somebody to trust with black but I will put all my faith in Detail work with these guys now! Very professional and straight forward about the work and what they will be doing.

    Daniel Schroeder Boring, OR

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